Pita for Good

Pita for Good


Clear your mind, and your plate
Pita Sandwiches

Warm pita bread with your choice of chicken shawarma, falafel, lamb, or any combination of the three, topped with sauce, tomatoes and onions.

  • Chicken Shawarma Pita $10
  • Falafel Pita $10
  • Lamb Pita $13
  • Combination Pita $13

Your choice of grilled lamb, roasted chicken shawarma, or falafel, or any combination of the three. Served with pita bread or cinnamon-turmeric rice and sided with salad and hummus with pita bread.

  • Chicken Plate $13
  • Falafel Plate $13
  • Lamb Plate $16
  • Combo Plate $16
Sides & Drinks
  • Pita & Hummus $7 With truck made crunchy pita chips or soft pita bread
  • Bottled Water $2
  • Sodas $3
  • Baklava $5
  • Empanadas $6 6” Empanadas filled with:
    Chimichurri Beef
    Moroccan Chicken
    Dominoes (black beans with feta cheese)
    Ricotta and Spinach
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